Carl Barksin kootut

BGMC = Boys' and Girls' March of Comics
CP = Christmas Parade
DD = Donald Duck
DDDFC = Daisy Duck's Diary Four Color
DDFC = Donald Duck Four Color
DDKG = Donald Duck Kite Giveaway
FCG = Firestone Christmas Giveaway
MM = Mickey Mouse
MMA = Mickey Mouse Almanac
PP = Picnic Party
US = Uncle Scrooge
USFC = Uncle Scrooge Four Color
USA = Uncle Scrooge Adventures
ViC = Vacation in Disneyland
WDC = Walt Disney's Comics and Stories

Carl Barksin kootut

Osa I. 1942-1943

Pluto Saves the Ship
Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold DDFC9
The Victory Garden WDC31
The Rabbit's Foot WDC32
Lifeguard Daze WDC33
Good Deeds WDC34
The Limber W Guest Ranch WDC35
The Mighty Trapper WDC36
The Mummy's Ring DDFC29
Good Neighbours WDC38
Salesman Donald WDC39

Osa II. 1944-1945

Snow Fun WDC40
The Duck in the Iron Pants WDC41
Kite Weather WDC42
Three Dirty Little DucksWDC43
The Mad ChemistWDC44
Rival BoatmenWDC45
Camera CrazyWDC46
Farragut the FalconWDC47
The Purloined PuttyWDC48
High Wire DaredevilsWDC49
Ten Cents Worth of TroubleWDC50
Donald's Bay LotWDC51
Frozen GoldDDFC62
Mystery of the SwampDDFC62
Thievery AfootWDC52
The Tramp SteamerWDC53
The Long Race to PumpkinburgWDC54
Donald Learns the RopesWDC55
The Icebox RobberWDC56
Pecking OrderWDC57
Taming the RapidsWDC58
The Riddle of the Red HatMMFC79

Osa III. 1945-1946

Days at the Lazy KWDC59
Eyes in the DarkWDC60
Thug BustersWDC61
The Great Ski RaceWDC62
Ten-Dollar DitherWDC63
Donald Duck's Best ChristmasFCG1945
Donald Tames His TemperWDC64
Joe From SingaporeWDC65
The Master Ice-FisherWDC66
Jet RescueWDC67
The Terror of the RiverDDFC108
The FirebugDDFC108
Donald's Monster KiteWDC68
Biceps BlueWDC69
The Smugsnorkle SquattyWDC70
Swimming SwindlersWDC71
Playing HookeyWDC72
The Gold-FinderWDC73
Donald Duck and the BoysWDC74
Turkey TroubleWDC75
Donald Duck: Santa's Stormy VisitFCG1946

Osa IV. 1947

Maharajah DonaldBGMC4
The Peaceful HillsBGMC4
The Cantankerous CatWDC76
Going BuggyWDC77
Jam RobbersWDC78
Picnic TricksWDC79
Volcano ValleyDDFC147
Donald's Posy PatchWDC80
Donald Minds His Own BusinessWDC81
Magical MiseryWDC82
Vacation TimeWDC83
Ghost of the GrottoDDFC159
Adventure "Down Under"DDFC159
The Waltz KingWDC84
Atonal TerrorWDC85
Fireman DonaldWDC86

Osa XI. 1953

Flip DecisionWDC149
My Lucky ValentineWDC150
Back to the KlondikeUSFC456
Somethin' Fishy HereUSFC456
The Easter ElectionWDC151
The Talking DogWDC152
Worm WearyWDC153
Much Ado About Quackly HallWDC154
Some Heir Over the RainbowWDC155
The Master RainmakerWDC156
The Money StairsWDC157
Bee BumblesWDC158
Wispy WillieWDC159
Hawaiian HideawayUS4

Osa XII. 1954

Donald Duck and the Hammy CamelWDC160
Fix-up Mix-upWDC161
Turkey Trot at One WhistleWDC162
Raffle ReversalWDC163
Flour FolliesWDC164
The Price of FameWDC165
"Tralla La"US6
Midgets MadnessWDC166
Salmon DerbyWDC167
Cheltenham's ChoiceWDC168
Travelling TruantsWDC169
Donald Duck Rants About AntsWDC170

Osa XIII. 1954-1955

Donald Duck Tells about KitesDDKG
The Too-Safe SafeWDC171
The Mysterious Stone RayUS8
Search for the CuspidoriaWDC172
New Year's RevolutionsWDC173
Worst Class MailWDC174
The Lemming with the LocketUS9
The Tuckered TigerUS9
The Daffy Taffy PullWDC175
The Ghost Sheriff of Last GaspWDC176
A Descent IntervalWDC177
The Fabulous Philosopher's StoneUS10
Heirloom WatchUS10
Donald's Raucous RoleWDC178
Good Cannons and Bad CannonsWDC179

Osa XIII. 1954-1955

The Great Steamboat RaceUS11
Riches, Riches Everywhere!US11
The Golden FleecingUS12
"Aku koirapoliisina"DD45
Secret of HondoricaDD46
Land Beneath the GroundUS13

Osa XXI. 1960

Mystery of the LochWDC237
Pipeline to DangerUS30
Gyro Gearloose: War PaintUS30
Yoicks! The Fox!US30
The Dog-SitterWDC238
The Village BlacksmithWDC239
The Fraidy FalconWDC240
All at SeaUS31
Gyro Gearloose: Fishy WardenUS31
Two-Way LuckUS31
Rocks to RichesWDC241
Turkey TroubleWDC243
That's No Fable!US32
Gyro Gearloose: That Small FeelingUS32
Clothes Make the DuckUS32

Osa XXII. 1960-1961

Missile FizzleWDC244
Sitting HighWDC245
Daisy Duck's Diary: A Sticky SituationGDFFFC1161
Daisy Duck's Diary: Ring Leader RoundupGDFFFC1161
Daisy Duck's Diary: Too Much HelpGDFFFC1161
Daisy Duck's Diary: Ruling the RoostGDFFFC1161
Daisy Duck's Diary: Daringly DifferentGDFFFC1161
Lost FrontierWDC246
Billions in the HoleUS33
You Can't WinUS33
Bongo on the CongoUS33
The Madcap MarinerWDC247
Terrible TouristWDC248
Gyro Gearloose: The Nose KnowsGGFC1184
Gyro Gearloose: MonstervilleGGFC1184
Gyro Gearloose: The CubeGGFC1184
Gyro Gearloose: Mighty but MiserableGGFC1184
Gyro Gearloose: Brain-StrainGGFC1184
Gyro Gearloose: The Old TimerGGFC1184
Gyro Gearloose: Mechanised MessGGFC1184
Stranger Than FictionWDC249
Mythtic MysteryUS34
Gyro Gearloose: Wily RivalUS34
Chugwagon DerbyUS34
Duck LuckWDC251

Osa XXIII. 1961-1962

Mr. Private EyeWDC252
The Golden Nugget BoatUS35
Gyro Gearloose: Fast Away CastawayUS35
Gift LionUS35
Hound HounderWDC253
Jet WitchWDC254
Boat BusterWDC255
The Midas TouchUS36
Gyro Gearloose: Duckburg's Day of PerilUS36
Money Bag GoatUS36
Gyro Gearloose: Buffaloed by BuffaloesGGFC1267
Northeaster on Cape QuackWDC256
Movie MadWDC257
Ten-Cent ValentineWDC258
Cave of Ali BabaUS37
Gyro Gearloose: The Great Pop UpUS37
Deep Down DoingsUS37
Jungle BungleWDC259
Merry FerryWDC260
Medaling AroundWDC261
The Unsafe SafeUS38
Gyro Gearloose: Madcap InventorsUS38
Much Luck McDuckUS38

Osa XXIV. 1962-1963

Way Out YonderWDC262
The Candy KidWDC263
Master WreckerWDC264
A Spicy TaleUS39
Gyro Gearloose: Finny FunUS39
Tricky ExperimentUS39
Raven MadWDC265
Stalwart RangerWDC266
Log JockeyWDC267
Oddball OdysseyUS40
Gyro Gearloose: Posthasty PostmanUS40
Christmas CheersWDC268
A Matter of FactoryWDC269
The Status SeekerUS41
Gyro Gearloose: Snow DusterUS41
The Jinxed Jalopy RaceWDC270
A Stone's Throw from Ghost TownWDC271
Spare That HairWDC272
The Case of the Sticky MoneyUS42
A Duck's-Eye View of EuropeWDC273
For Old Dime's SakeUS43

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